Our wines

Château Saint-Aubin

A red fruits nose, who get more complex when agitated, with plums and ripe fruit notes. A spicy character, freshness with smoke hints. The wooden notes are very subtle, with a final toasted touch. The mouth is round, full, with a nice intensity of flavors. A great balance between the body and the acidity gives to this wine some smooth and soft tanins. A good concentration, with a long, fruity finish. 

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Le Rosé de l'Isle

The rosé de l'Isle allies the vigour and taut from the Cabernet Franc to the crisp, fresh fruit from the  Carmenère. To drink in his young age, it will get sweeter trough the years. 

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La Cuvée Nolite Nocere

Our special cuvée comes from the old vines that grow on a specific gravel slope. All the finesse from our Merlot, associated to the robustness of our Petit Verdot. The twelve month ageing in new barrels, selected for their smoothness, is backing up to the black fruit and spices, while bringing a lot of complexity to this dense, silky wine.

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