Older vintages

Château Saint-Aubin 2016

Dark, red colour, shiny and pure.

The nose is intense, with black and red fruits, blackcurrant, and mashed strawberries flavours.

The agitation brings smoke and toast hints, brought by a finely integrated oaking. 

Some subtle notes of soft spices make the complexity even greater.

The mouth is round, rich and voluptuous.

The fruity side is very well present, with a great frame and a nice balance.

Tannins are well integrated, and soft.

The fruity notes lingers superbly in the mouth. 

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Château Saint-Aubin 2015

A red fruits nose, who get more complex when agitated, with plums and ripe fruit notes. A spicy character, freshness with smoke hints. The wooden notes are very subtle, with a final toasted touch. The mouth is round, full, with a nice intensity of flavours. A great balance between the body and the acidity gives to this wine some smooth and soft tannins. A good concentration, with a long, fruity finish. 

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Château Saint-Aubin 2014

A very beautiful dark ruby colour.

The nose, fine and elegant, is a good blend of fresh fruit, raspberries, and of black fruits, blackcurrant, with a nice and integrated toasting.

This bouquet also reveals some soft spice and chocolate hints.

The mouth is subtle, balance between power and freshness. This Saint Aubin is a proof that the different type of grapes bring style, complexity and structure to the wine, that will allow him a good ageing potential. It will gain a lot of complexity in the next 2-3 years, with an optimal ageing of a dozen years. 

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Château Saint-Aubin 2013

Red and shiny colour.

Nice and precise at first smell, intense with a good balance between the oak, toast, vanilla hints, and the fruity notes: red fruit (raspberry, redcurrant), and blue fruits (plums, blueberries).

Some soft spicy notes are also coming from this complex fresh fruit bouquet.

The mouth is round, fruity, with a velvety, integrated tannin structure. It is a gourmet wine, with a smooth final.

To appreciate on your will between today and the next eight years.

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Château Saint-Aubin 2012

Clear, shiny black cherry colour. An aromatic and lush nose, that express some spicy, oaky and black fruit notes

A round wine on first sip, that gets a good volume, and a velvety finish. 

A well structured wine, with a lot of elegance, being built on soft and velvety tannins.

Nice aromatic length, where we find the notes we had on the nose, that leaves us with a precise spice and black fruit bouquet.

To drink today and in the next 8 years.

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Château Saint-Aubin 2011

Shiny black cherry colour.

Nose is intense and aromatic on spice and liquorice notes.

The mouth has a round and smooth start.

The structure is built on soft tannins, still powerful.

Nice aromatic length, with wooden and dry fruit notes.

To drink today or in the new six years.

Château Saint-Aubin 2010

Intense black cherry, clear and shiny, that express a great freshness, with some purple highlights.

Expressive nose, complex, on toast and roast notes, black fruit with blackcurrant, floral notes with violet, spicy, peppery and a mineral touch.

The mouth has a lot of volume and structure.

The structure is built on ripe tannins that will only get smoother through the years.

This wine can be appreciated by now with red meat or game, and can be aged for another 8 years.

Château Saint-Aubin 2009

A dark, shiny, black cherry colour, where we can start to find shades of tiles-red.

The nose is open, and offers roast notes, brought by the ageing in barrels. Complex, it also express black fruit notes, spices with pepper and vanilla, and fresh notes such as peppermint. 

The mouth is round, with some sweetness due to this very solar vintage, with a lot of volume on a structure made by  ripe tannins. 

Nice aromatic harmony between the nose and the mouth. This wine can be drunk today on red meat or game, and can be aged for 5 to 7 more years.